v2018 Release Announcement

by / Friday, 31 August 2018 / Published in 2018 News, News & Events

Crosslight Software is glad to announce new features in version 2018.8 of its simulation software (PICS3D and APSYS).

  • Full-3D VCSEL vectorial optical model based on novel FDFD method.
  • Full-3D vectorial wave optical model based on novel FDFD method, opening new possibilities in modeling of silicon photonic waveguide devices.
  • New 3D mesh system with new 3D GUI.
  • UCB SPICE code imported into Crosslight software as a subset of minispice module. Both circuit-only and mixed-mode TCAD simulation can be performed and 2nd-order of time-stepping from
    UCB SPICE can be used in mix-mode TCAD.
  • Floating contact with zero-sum current condition implemented in basic drift-diffusion solver.
  • Two-photon absorption model implemented for material optical gain model.
  • Bug fixes and model upgrade in various modules.

This version will be released later this year, after final testing has been completed. Customers with an up-to-date maintenance contract can contact their local sales representatives if they wish to try these new features right away.