Crosslight Software Inc. is an industry leader in TCAD simulation tools headquartered in the greater Vancouver area. For almost twenty years, Crosslight has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art TCAD tools for the simulation of semiconductor devices and processes. Crosslight Software (formerly Beamtek Software), was the first commercial company to provide TCAD software for electrical and optical modeling of quantum well laser diodes (LD) and has continued to maintain a leadership position ever since. Crosslight is among the world’s top suppliers of semiconductor TCAD tools with a customer list extending to hundreds of semiconductor companies and research institutions.

Established in 1993 by Dr. Z.M. Simon Li (李湛明), Crosslight was originally created as a spin-off from the National Research Council of Canada. Since then, Crosslight has continued to build on this original foundation and has licensed other technologies like Stanford University’s SUPREM-IV.GS in order to integrate them into its product line. Through frequent upgrades of its simulation software packages, Crosslight’s engineers and scientists are committed to offering the latest in semiconductor device/process modeling while maintaining optimal performance of the software.



Crosslight Software’s PICS3D, a 3D simulation software package for laser diode and photonic integrated circuits, won the 1998 Commercial Technology Achievement Award from Laser Focus World, a leading magazine for the photonics and optoelectronic industry.


Customer Locations

Crosslight has over 300 customers around the world, as shown in the world map below:




Dr. Ling Xie, Harvard University

“After one lecture’s teaching (~one hour), students are able to use the simulation program to do basic simulations, such as how NMOS dimensions affect I-V and C-V characteristics. The software is user friendly and easy to learn and understand. The comment notes are very helpful to learn how to write a simulation program. Also the graphic capability is very strong.”

Dr. James Pan, Semicoa, Inc

“Crosslight simulator is especially helpful for power devices. It is compatible with Windows OS and is very user friendly.”

Dr. Maggie Xia, University of British Columbia

“I have been using TCAD tools for almost 10 years, as a graduate student at MIT, a TCAD engineer at IBM and later as an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. Among the simulation tools I used, Crosslight Software’s TCAD suite is the best in user friendliness both for new and seasoned users. It runs on PCs, instead of Unix servers. It has a nice user interface and many helpful functions. Plotting is very convenient. It is a very powerful tool for many applications such as strained Si CMOS. Now we use CSUPREM for both research and teaching, and my students definitely prefer using it.”

Dr. W.T. Ng, University of Toronto

“Crosslight is really easy to use with much better convergence than their competitors, especially in III-V Nitride simulation,e.g. GaN power devices. It works very well for our projects. Furthermore,the 3D simulation is amazing and particularly easy to set up and memory efficient.”