Eligibility: Research groups or organizations that had never tried Crosslight simulation software are eligible to receive a two-month free trial (demo) license. Individuals working on personal projects are not eligible to receive such licenses.

Demo requests from Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea may be directed to Crosslight branch offices or authorized distributors in their respective country/area. Demo requests from North America, Europe and elsewhere may be directed to our head office in Canada.

How it works: Please complete the demo license agreement form on behalf of your research group/organization and send it to us by fax or email. Each application form must be signed by someone in authority at your company/organization and your official email account must be provided. No personal or free email accounts will be accepted for license applications.

Since each group or organization is eligible to try our software only once, please be sure that your colleagues or managers are aware of your request. Multiple licenses may be requested if more than one person will be evaluating the software simultaneously. Once your license has been approved, you will receive an automated email containing the required download information and license file.

Free-trial versus licensed/purchased versions: The free-trial version contains all optional modules available for the software and its functionalities are not limited in any way. The purchase or lease version of the software may contain a limited selection of optional modules based on your purchase order. It is recommended to use the free-trial version and to discuss your needs with Crosslight staff before making a purchasing decision or making a final selection of these optional modules.

The main restriction of the demo license is that it is controlled by a license verification server in our offices; the actual simulation still runs on your local PC. As such, the computer running the software must be connected to the internet and allow access through its firewall in order for the program to run.

There is also a limitation that each demo license file can only be used on a single computer: reinstalling on a different computer requires a server-side reset of the license by our staff. Purchased versions of the software do not have this restriction and can be installed on multiple computers. In that case, access to the license is controlled by a hardware dongle provided by Crosslight.

Users are advised that as with all TCAD programs, obtaining good agreement with experimental results is often a question of using the right material parameters. Our default material macros are based on available published data in the literature. However, in many cases, there is a great deal of uncertainty in published values and some parameters may vary due to growth technology and methods. It is therefore possible that you may need to modify default macro values to fit experimental data. Within reasonable limits, Crosslight’s technical support team will guide you through the initial trial period and help you go as far as possible with the demo.