Crosslight provides award-winning simulation software for modeling semiconductor devices/processes in an advanced technology computer aided design (TCAD) environment. With three device simulation software packages (APSYS, LASTIP and PICS3D) our device models cover a full range of devices from basic silicon MOSFET to more complex devices such as vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and quantum cascade laser (QCL).

Crosslight also developed PROCOM, a 2D/3D simulator to model semiconductor growth by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), a technology commonly used to grouw compund semiconductors. For silicon and GaAs process simulation, Crosslight offers CSUPREM which builds on and improves the original SUPREM.IV GS code developed by the Integrated Circuits Laboratory at Stanford University. Among other extensions and enhancements, CSUPREM offers full 3D process simulation.

A brief overview of Crosslight’s capabilities and various optional modules can be found here.

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    APSYS, Advanced Physical Models of Semiconductor Devices, is based on 2D/3D finite element analysis of electrical, optical and thermal properties of compound semiconductor devices...

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    CSUPREM (Crosslight-SUPREM) is a process simulation software package based on the SUPREM.IV.GS code developed at the Integrated Circuits Laboratory of Stanford University...

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    LASTIP, Laser Technology Integrated Program, was historically the first product of Crosslight Software Inc., dedicated primarily to 2D simulation of edge emitting laser diodes...

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    PICS3D, Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator in 3D, is a state of the art 3D-simulator for surface and edge emission laser diodes, SOA, and other similar active waveguide devices...

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    PROCOM (PROcesses of COMpounds) is a 2/3-dimensional process simulation software package for compound semiconductor growth by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)...

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    NovaTCAD is an easy to use and affordable windows based simulation package for microelectronics applications...

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    SAWAVE is a brand-new design and analysis tool for Surface Accoustic Wave (SAW) devices...