CSUPREM (Crosslight-SUPREM) is a process simulation software package based on the SUPREM.IV.GS code developed at the Integrated Circuits Laboratory of Stanford University. SUPREM.IV.GS (2D) has long been recognized as the industry standard in process simulation for integrated circuit (IC) design for over a decade. Crosslight greatly enhances the capability of the original code from Stanford and extends it from 2D to 3D. Please refer to our full and mini CSUPREM product brochures for more details…

A brief introduction to Crosslight TCAD is also available in the following presentation and pamphlet.


  • Reliable and flexible next-generation 2D/3D process simulator
  • 2D, Quasi-3D, Hybrid-3D and Full 3D process simulation
  • 2D and Full 3D device simulation when combined with APSYS
  • GPU-accelerated solver
  • Full 3D diffusion models
  • Highly effiicient mesh allocation based on stacked and bended mesh planes
  • Greatly reduced mesh count and faster computation time
  • Gauss, Pearson, SIMS data and user-defined models
  • Auto or user-controlled switch between four different etching models
  • Strained silicon, SiC and GaN-based material systems
  • Activation models for all dopants
  • Optimize devices using AutoTCAD and Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Batch processing

Graphical user interface tools

  • MaskEditor: one-step 3D simulation layout designer
  • SimuCSuprem: simulation editor with built-in help wizard
  • CrosslightView: unified plotting interface for both process and device simulations