NovaTCAD is an easy to use and affordable windows based simulation package for microelectronics applications. It combines Crosslight’s essential simulation tools such as MaskEditor, SimuCsuprem, SimuApsys, CrosslightView and Layerbuilder 2D/3D to provide a new simulation experience.


  • 2D, Quasi-3D, Hybrid-3D and Full 3D for process simulation
  • 2D and Full 3D for device simulation

Stacked Mesh Planes

  • Easy to build quasi-3D and full 3D process simulation
  • Reliable and Flexible
  • Greatly reduced total mesh count

Process Simulation

  • Gauss, Pearson, SIMS data and user defined models
  • Auto or user controlled switch between four different etching types
  • Advanced full 3D diffusion models with GPU simulation option available
  • Strained Silicon, SiC and GaN-based material systems
  • Activation models for all dopants
  • And much more…

Device Simulation

  • Restart from previously saved status
  • Industry-leading numerical convergence
  • Large number of material models
  • Hydrodynamic models for hot carriers
  • Quantum tunnelling and transport
  • Thermionic emission model
  • Heat transfer equations
  • Deep level traps and trap dynamics
  • Interface states
  • Poole-Frenkel model
  • Self-consistent QW calculations
  • Temperature dependent model
  • Impact ionization
  • And much more…


  • GPU-accelerated solvers can achieve 3X faster simulation compared to CPU-based solvers, depending on mesh size and configuration.
  • GPU simulation for both CSUPREM(e.g. 3D diffusion) process simulation and APSYS device simulation is available.


Perform 3D device simulation by merging two independent process simulations. Best for complicated 3D structures like interconnect simulation with substrate.

Bent Mesh Planes

Ultra high efficient mesh. Best for very complicated 3D simulations. Unique combination of straight and bent mesh planes.


AutoTCAD provides a Design of Experiment (DOE) feature.