About Crosslight

Crosslight Software Inc. is an industry leader in TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design) simulation tools headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. For almost twenty years, Crosslight has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art TCAD simulation tools for semiconductor devices and processes.


  • 07/11/2016in 2016 News, News & Events

    New application note on SiC-JBS

    A new application note on SiC Junction Barrier Schottky rectifiers has been submitted by our collaborator, Dr. Gary Dolny. Results demonstrate the quality of fit produced by a properly-calibrated APSYS model....
  • 26/10/2016in 2016 News, News & Events

    Upcoming Software Tutorial

    Crosslight is pleased to announce a new and expanded version of our short course/product tutorial at the upcoming Photonics West conference in San Francisco; free registration is now open. Crosslight staff will also be attending the conference; please stop by our booth (#2610, South Hall) to register in person or to discuss your modeling needs....
  • 31/08/2016in 2016 News, News & Events

    August 2016 version finalized

    Crosslight is proud to announce that its 2016.8 version has been finalized and will soon be released to customers. Summary of changes: A new graphical user interface program called SimuCenterJS has been released. Based on Javascript, this greatly improved launching pad for simulations replaces the existing SimuPics3d, SimuApsys and SimuCSuprem prog...