We are proud to announce the results of a pilot project with Assistant Professor Can Bayram of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As part of this project, three students who worked with Crosslight TCAD tools in an academic setting split a prize for best class project. Congratulations to the winners of this award: Kaitlyn

A new application note on SiC MOSFET has been submitted by our collaborator, Dr. Gary Dolny. Sample input files are included on the main power device application page for interested users.

Crosslight is proud to announce a major breakthrough in VCSEL modeling. Our new vectorial microcavity mode solver greatly enhances PICS3D’s capability to model devices with oxide confinement layers and surface relief features. An updated presentation is available to demonstrate this feature. This model should be available to customers in our official 2018 release; current PICS3D